Fine Art

I paint to express the beauty I see in my home state as well as create new scenes that I hope spark your imagination as much as it did my own.

Who is Mottfolio?

My name is Emily Mottesheard, and I am a fine artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. Many folks have called me a "Renaissance Woman", and I honestly can't argue that too much. I studied classical and jazz music performance in college alongside my art studies, and learned fine art techniques alongside my graphic design studies. I've worked for printing press companies, marketing agencies, and web design firms. I've played in local music theater productions and created new branding for small press publishing. I have typeset layouts for publications and painted illustrations for book covers. I have even dabbled in writing, serial art, sculpture, and miniature painting. I've been working in just about every creative field for over 16 years now, and that has blessed me with a well rounded approach to and understanding of art and design.

It's my turn now to ask you a question.

What is it that you are looking for? What do you need? Are you looking for an original fine art piece to brighten your home? Do you need help with creating a professional look for your business? Contact me and let me know what you're looking for, as I'm happy to speak with you. I'm a small business woman and I run everything out of my own home studio, so you're not going to talk to an assistant, you'll be talking directly to me. If it's creative, chances are I do that and can help you out, and if I'm not a good fit I may know some good folk in the industry who would be that I can refer you to. So sign up for my email newsletter or shoot me an email with questions. I'd love to hear from you!

My Work

Original Fine Art

Despite my digital design schooling -and perhaps because of it- I prefer working with my hands in physical media. No matter the subject matter I always throw myself into creating engaging artwork that I hope will inspire you. Perhaps it might even brighten your day?

Illustration Work

From book covers to serial art and personalized portraits and commissions, I've been creating engaging illustrative work for a large variety of subject matter.

Graphic Design

Web Design, Typesetting Layouts, Logo and Branding, Social Media Graphics, and more. I've been helping small businesses create a professional image for their customers since 2000.

Mott Blog

What am I up to? Do I have any advice or news? Read it here.

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