This is the newest logo project I’ve been working on and I’m rather proud of it. This is for Heather’s Heirlooms, which is a new business specializing in handmade crocheted baby blankets. They are designer quality and made to last not just through baby’s years, but as an heirloom to be passed through the family’s generations, and I really wanted to impart that through a classical simplicity that also held a level of elegance. Coloring might alter slightly as we go through print tests, however I am very satisfied with the end result, and the client is incredibly happy!


A good professionally done logo can make the difference in the quality level of customers that come to your brand. Of all the items that a new business can cut costs on in it’s startup, do not scrimp when it comes to putting together your visible brand. I have encountered too many clients who went through a cheap logo service when they started their business and either had trouble attracting customers due to a poorly done logo, or later quickly outgrew their logo and were faced with the difficult task of re-branding and redesigning an existing lower quality image without alienating their customer base. So do your research and find a graphic designer you can trust, and don’t forget to give that designer as much information about your company as possible. The more you communicate with them, the better your logo will be!

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