White Cat in Basket – Painting on 9×12 Panel

White Basket Cat 9x12I have a white cat named Lumi, and she has one of the biggest personalities that I’ve ever seen in a cat, at least in the kitties I’ve owned over my lifetime. I rescued her about 5 years ago as a flea bitten 6 week old kitten abandoned behind a dumpster behind my work, and she reminds me on a daily basis of just how privileged I am to be in her presence every day since.

One of her particular personality quirks is her love of the turquoise basket that sits in the upstairs bathroom. The basket is meant to be used to hold rolls of toilet paper, however I am not allowed to put anything into the basket because it is Lumi’s basket and she must sit in it. It might be a bit perturbing, however she’s a beautiful cat and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to capture what I see whenever I look down at her happy in her favorite basket.

This piece is 9×12 acrylic painting on masonite, and the original is currently available for purchase.

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