Golden Dragon Explores Forest Koi Pond – Fine Art Painting on 16×20 Canvas

A curious golden dragon explores a new pond in the middle of untouched forest, and discovers some new friends.

There is an ancient Chinese myth about a large school of golden koi swimming up the Yellow River. They come to a great waterfall and many turn back, but a few stay to try to surmount it. Local demons appear and mock them, increasing the size and power of the waterfall, however after 100 years of struggle, a single triumphant koi emerges from the top of the waterfall. The gods, so impressed by the little fish’s perseverance and determination, bestow upon him the greatest gift they can, turning the little koi into a beautiful golden dragon, the image of power and strength.

This painting represents my personal ideal of tranquility and combines my love of West Virginian mountain forests and natural springs, Neoclassical period of art, the beauty of koi ponds, and a golden splash of fantasy to excite the imagination. I also set out to express that perfect feeling of peace and that washes over you at the end of a great struggle that you manage to finally triumph over. Look upon this painting and remind yourself of all the struggles you’ve had in your life that are now behind you, and give yourself a moment of peace and happiness as you acknowledge your journey and give yourself the credit you deserve for surviving and triumphing over those challenges.

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