Golden Koi & Dragon – Fine Art Painting on 8×10 Canvas

A golden water dragon explores a koi pond and discovers some new friends.

When I started out to create this painting, I was just getting back into my craft after period of mourning following a tragic death in the family. I was seeking some peace to the turmoil I had been experiencing nonstop and inspiration for this painting came to me as I began to lay down the first layers of color. The idea comes from the Chinese myth of a determined koi fish who after much perseverance and adversity managed to swim up the impossible currents of a mighty waterfall and reach the realm of the gods, who rewarded the fish by turning it into a powerful golden dragon.

This story resonated with me as I too had faced and survived much adversity recently, and this painting was the first of many I am creating to bring healing to my soul. I have received compliments from those who have purchased this print on how much this art piece helps them unwind after a stressful day, and one fan even told me that my art “heals her soul”. To this day it is the best compliment I have ever received and I hold onto those words when I sit down to paint, for motivation and inspiration.

This piece is the first in a series of paintings I am working on featuring this subject. You can the next painting in my series by clicking here.

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